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From our in-hospital lab suite where we can run blood chemistry, urinalysis, heartworm tests, parvo tests, and FeLV/FIV tests with rapid turn-around time, to our access to a full service outside reference laboratory for advanced testing, we have your diagnostic needs covered.

With our state of the art in-hospital chemistry analyzer, we are capable of running anything from the basic kidney and liver values, to specific testing (thyroid, phenobarbital, fructosoamine), saving you time and money compared to reference lab testing.

Our practice also has digital radiology, for fast and detailed x-rays, an ultrasound machine, for real-time images, tonometry to test for glaucoma, EKG, blood pressure monitoring, and a high-end microscope for in-hospital microscopy.

The highly trained veterinary technicians at Old Trolley Road Animal Clinic are ready to assist the veterinarian with any of our diagnostic procedures.